I’m pleased to have you here. Rest your wings for a time while you get to know a bit about this space and a smidgen about myself and my family:

My name, as you’ve probably gathered, is Michaela Dawn …I’m a woman in her late 30’s, a wife, mama, healer, homesteader, and artisan: with an affinity for vibrant surroundings and beings. Devoted to crafting elemental talisman jewelry to bring inspiration, luck + light.

I live in the Black Hills, of South Dakota, on a quaint homestead with my family (farm, sawmill, metalsmith shop + massage studio, and gardens).

I am Incrementally moving towards true center. By no means am I claiming to have it all, want it all, know it all, or that I’ve perfected the practices of it all, yet I do attempt to posses a few things abundantly in my heart and home. I do seek to live with kindness and grace, to give as much as I can (within my abilities and reason) To respect, love, and care for others with what talents I have to offer. Today, I am meeting wellness where I stand, as I make every effort to grow in health.

may the seeds of love you plant today,
​grow into the flowers of happiness you enjoy tomorrow.

I truly believe in what Connie Kaplan said in an interview I watched on Gaia, that “Our mission here on this earth is to deliver a gift from the level of soul to the level of form” We are that gift, and the only job we have is to BE in this life who we are by nature, meant to be. The only thing we get to leave with which holds any true importance at all, is ‘how much and how well did I love.’

Today me, Tomorrow Thee’ Take care of self, so self can take care of others.

That brings me to the purpose of this place for you. My hope is that you find Tomorrow a worthwhile use of your time. That the information provided here serves you. That you leave with it’s goodness and are able to benefit from the use of what you gained here… and hopefully you share it with others.

As for why I chose the name, ‘Tomorrow’, well, its because when I can taste, feel, a see with the minds eye, that a word resonates with synthesia, I best appreciate that it’s meant to be. Besides, there is a nostalgia in the thought of Tomorrow: after all, ‘Tomorrow never knows,’ meaning that when tomorrow arrived, it would become today. Tomorrow is hope, its fresh, foreseeable, not precisely certain, yet has potential and a great probability of wonder.

I chose ‘Wildflowers’ as my primary image content: because for me, wildflowers are powerful botanicals in their constituents as well as their being, they represent joy, optimism, resilience, vibrance, depth, mystery. These tough sweet botanicals thrive in the throes of the elements, return after winter, and cherish the sun. Just like them, I myself, like to stay close to people, places, things who feel like sunshine. I think their most endearing quality is that they’re wild; no one put them where they are, yet they belong. And that’s a beautiful thing.


Massage Therapist

Michaela Dawn is a practicing, licensed Massage Therapist and a certified Holistic Esthetician, specializing in massage + natural skincare where she lives, in a small town in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Michaela Dawn’s background as a licensed massage therapist ranges from freelancing at luxury spas to working with chiropractic physicians in their clinics. She use a vast range of massage modalities in which she has certification for implementing in her massage + bodywork in the state of South Dakota. She is insured via Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP). She’s continually achieving accreditation and advancement in her field of practice by attending seminars and taking courses on specific treatments, modalities, and related subjects associated with Massage Therapy and Esthetics.

Holistic Esthetician

As a certified Holistic Esthetician, Michaela Dawn has taken numerous continuing education courses to further her knowledge for providing natural facial treatments, she also maintains a constant passion for learning about skin, the human body, and skincare chemistry. She is an Association of Holistic Skin Care Practitioners (AHSCP) member, and has years of Spa based skincare experience at a Dermatological Spa.

Metalsmith Artisan

As a vintage devotee and botanical enthusiast, to boot, ​Michaela Dawn combines her affinity for healing antiquity and botanical flora in an artistic expression of elemental talisman jewelry and artistic items. As a metalsmith and crafter of many modalities, one will find these handcrafted objects of curiosity created with an aura of eclectic vibrancy have their own unique organic appeal, composition, + energy ​…all which come together in perfect harmony for the Tomorrow story.